Review policy.

I'm a reader and reviewer of new novels. I love reading literary historical fiction and enjoy "Grip-lit" - tense, twisty, psychological chillers.

I publish my reviews here on my blog, Goodreads and Amazon uk where I'm in the top 500 reviewers, as well as having an active Twitter account @Beadyjan with over 2,000 relevant book loving followers.

I'm a member of several lively book discussion groups on Facebook including #bookconnectors. I'm on the reading panels for Netgalley, Bookbridgr and Lovereading.

I'm happy for you to email me to offer me an advance copy of your book for review to make sure it is one I feel I'll enjoy so I may give a fair and objective review.

If I accept a book this means it will be added to my TBR (to be reviewed) pile, but I can't promise to review each and every one. I usually tweet about physical books which arrive by mail, but acceptance does not guarantee a review I just don't have time to fit every book I'd love to read into my schedule and usually require around 8 to 10 weeks notice for blog tours.

Contact me by email at:

I read purely for pleasure - I get a huge buzz from enjoying a book and then sharing my thoughts and all my reviews are my own thoughts and feelings I do it for fun and for free.

I am happy to read ebooks or paperbacks. I enjoy surprise, speculative bookmail and Tweet enthusiastically about proofs and arc's I receive by post, however I'm unable to read and review every book I receive.

I DON'T read or review paranormal romance, erotica, religious, police procedural, espionage, CIA or political books and if that sounds a bit picky - Yeah I am selective! I'm aware of the time authors have spent pouring their heart and soul into writing a book and when I invest time time reading a book I want it to enthrall, entertain and stay with me and be able to genuinely enthuse about it publicly.

I am happy for the author, publisher or publicist to quote any part of my review of their book, in the book itself, on their website, or Social media, as long as I am credited and notified.

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