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My Review of Bring Me Back by B A Paris twisty and clever

My review of Bring Me Back by B A Paris

This is a very twisty and twisted, psychological thriller. If you love to be puzzled by cryptic clues and teeny hints that might not all be what they seem this is a must read book for you.

Narrated mostly by Finn, the main male protagonist who is engaged to be married to Emma. He used to be passionately in love with Emmas sister Layla who mysteriously disappeared 12 years ago, when the couple were on their way back from a holiday and has never been seen since.

But suddenly messages begin to appear which would seem to indicate that Layla is back, or soon plans to be back in Finn's life. He gets very confused and terribly frustrated and begins to find clues everywhere which disturb and worry him, many of these clues are deliberately placed tiny Russian dolls, which show up at every turn. They have a particular significance to Finn and Layla. He finds on on the garden wall and one on his plate when he goes to the pub ( a pub which is owned and run by yet another ex-girlfriend Ruby. Confused? You will be, you're meant to be, the author very neatly and cleverly fills the story with dainty little red herrings, which you keep sniffing out and thinking Ahh, then realizing you've been coerced into heading off up the wrong garden path, hence the twistyness which ensures you won't sleep a wink whilst this clever, dark and very gripping thriller is on your bedside table.

I must confess I disliked Finn he's a pretty flawed character, he was sparing with the truth when Layla went missing omitting some pertinent facts, even when telling the police what happened, now that's never a good thing is it? Oh and he seems to have a bit of a hot temper does Finn and I find it impossible to love a man who lashes out with his fists whatever the reason, but the main reason I just couldn't warm to him is, his past is lettered with ex girlfriends who he seems to think are all desperate to get back with him (when I fail to see how he ever managed to attract any woman in the first place!)

So - he's a bit of a fibber, who likes to lash out and he's really, really self obsessed. But would we wish what is going to happen to Finn on our worst enemy?

To find out you'll have to read it and see and while you're reading it #ForgetSleep because you won't rest easy until you uncover the mystery of where Layla went and what is going on. Get your copy from Amazon here.

Or see what people are saying about it on Twitter.

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  1. Sounds like the kind of story my book club would enjoy, but I don't know that I can read a whole novel with a main character that I can't stand. I'll have to look into it more. Thanks for the review!


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