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BLOG TOUR Tell No lies by Lisa Hartley

BLOG TOUR for Tell No Lies by Lisa Hartley

Hello, pull up a chair and join me on the blog tour for the tense new thriller Tell No lies from Canelo books.

The Author has kindly provided this fascinating insight about her thoughts when asked, who IS your favourite character from all the ones you've created?

I hadn’t really considered whether or not I had a favourite amongst my characters. 

When I began to think about it, it felt a little strange, almost like considering which of your children was your favourite. It seemed off limits. All of the characters in a book have their part to play, otherwise they wouldn’t be there. Can one be more important than another? Probably. The protagonist seems an obvious choice, but is the main character always the most likable? The person you’d want by your side if you were in trouble? Not necessarily.

Still, I would guess most authors would say their main character is their favourite. They’re usually the person you know the best, the one whose story you’re telling. If you write a series of books, your main character is the one whose life you’re watching play out. 

Even so, they might not be your favourite. 

My protagonist is Detective Caelan Small. TELL NO LIES is the sequel to ASK NO Questions, the book in which Caelan was introduced. As an undercover police officer, Caelan is, by necessity, something of a chameleon. I thought about the sort of person who would be drawn to working undercover, and the traits and attributes a woman who spent much of her working life pretending to be someone else would need to have. I thought she would be brave, resourceful, quick thinking. Confident. She would need nerves of steel.

In the first book, Caelan is caught up in the aftermath of a case that was never really solved. Then people connected to that investigation begin to die, and Caelan realises she has been fooled, lead to believe certain things which weren’t true. In TELL NO LIES, as well as telling a new story, I wanted to begin to explore how these events have impacted on Caelan, both personally and professionally. How would pretending to be someone else affect a person? What about their relationships with their family, with their friends? What about romantic relationships? How could you fall in love with someone who could never tell you the truth about who they were, where they were going, or what they were doing?

Above all, I wanted to get inside Caelan’s head and see how she would cope with all of this. Caelan is probably my favourite character because I feel I’m beginning to know her so well. She’s brave, loyal, and occasionally frustrating, both to the reader and to her colleagues. She makes mistakes, and sometimes she doesn’t listen. In TELL NO LIES, she goes above and beyond what she has been initially instructed to do, and has to face the consequences.

I also wanted to take the reader undercover with Caelan, to stand beside her as she prepares to to walk into a situation she knows might become deadly. She will be alone and unarmed. I wanted to think about the emotions coursing through her in that moment. The adrenalin, the fear, the beginnings of regret? How would she feel? How would you feel?

Thankyou Lisa, Caelan sounds a complex and intriguing woman and I'm sure my blog readers are looking forward to meeting her already.

Here's the Book Blurb to whet your appetite:

Now they’re coming after Caelan’s team…

A tortured body is found in a basement. Drug dealing and people smuggling is on the rise. Then police start going missing.

There seems to be no connection between the crimes, but Detective Caelan Small senses something isn’t right.
Plunged into a new investigation, lives are on the line. And in the web of gangs, brothels and nerve-shattering undercover work, Caelan must get to the truth – or be killed trying.
And then there’s Nicky...

Utterly gripping, written with searing tension and remarkable dexterity, Tell No Lies is a blistering crime novel for fans of Angela Marsons, Rebecca Bradley and Faith Martin. 

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Author Bio: 

Lisa Hartley lives with her partner, son, two dogs and several cats. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in English Studies, then had a variety of jobs but kept writing in her spare time. She is currently working on the next DS Catherine Bishop novel, as well as a new series with Canelo.

Twitter: @rainedonparade

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