Thursday, 29 December 2016

Behind her eyes - Sarah Pinborough - Buried secrets

In Behind Her Eyes, Sarah Pinborough takes us on a journey of toxic friendship and buried secrets which kept me up late at night frantically turning the pages over the Christmas hols.

We are immersed in the world of a rather lonely young woman Louise, who, on a rare night out meets handsome, sexy David who seems as though he could be the man of her dreams, although they share nothing more than conversation and a kiss.

When she turns up at work and discovers he is her new boss and he is married, it’s obvious to both of them that the flame they kindled must be extinguished, yet still the attraction between them flickers.

Then Louise bumps into Adele, warm-hearted, vulnerable, Adele, to whom she is instantly drawn, they have a lot in common, they both share disturbing night terrors which blight their lives, they are both in need of a friend and ... they have David in common because Adele is David’s beautiful wife and Louise is about to be drawn into the strangest love triangle I’ve ever come across.

It’s immediately apparent that the couples’ marriage isn’t quite as perfect as it seems to outsiders and as Louise is pulled deeper into their puzzling relationship is clear that something is very amiss, Adele is clearly hiding something and seems to have an ulterior motive.

This is the crux of the story which begins to tie the reader in knots. I didn't know who to trust and suspected everyone of all sorts! The clues to what is going on “behind her eyes” are there all along, but unless you can put 2 and 2 together and come to 7, there are surprises and shocks galore throughout the story all the way to that much acclaimed “What the …..??? “ conclusion. I had an inkling of the general direction we might be going about half way through, but the red herrings are so big and juicy that the disclosure when it comes cannot fail to surprise and shock.

We watch Louise as she teeters between a longed for bosom friendship with the beguiling and enchanting Adele, who begs her to conceal their friendship from David and a developing passionate affair with David begins which she knows she must conceal from Adele. But is Adele manipulating Louise and if so why? What exactly are the cracks in the marriage of these two and is David dangerous to be around? Maybe she's not quite as reliable a narrator as she seems.

Poor Louise, from meeting the two people of her dreams and the happiness this brings, her life takes a downward spiral, she is plunged into a desperate entanglement of lies and concealment and a mysterious missing person who may be able to throw some light on what’s going on.

The story is told from the perspective of Louise, then Adele and some enigmatic flashbacks to Adeles life years ago which confirm that she has plenty of mystery in her past.

A very gripping page turner of a psychological thriller with a complex paranormal twist. Extremely well written and exciting there are definitely a lot of twists and shocks and it is intense, compelling, entertainment all the way through.

After reading it I began understanding why certain things had happened and realizing how very imaginative the author has been in creating this complex world where nothing is quite what it appears.

My copy was provided via Netgalley and will be available towards the end of January published by Harper Collins.

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