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Invisible - Barbara Copperthwaite - a Killer of a thriller

Invisible – Barbara Copperthwaite:

As I review quite a few advance reading copies of new books from Publishers it’s not that often that I feel able to choose a book from my TBR pile purely because I really fancy reading it. But very recently I did just that purely because I just couldn’t wait any longer to get stuck in to Invisible by the wonderful writing talent which is Barbara Copperthwaite.

You may be familiar with the scenario – you have an ever increasing pile of review copies waiting to be read, all clamouring for attention and despite the urgency of some nearing publication date, a few blog tours lurking just over the horizon, you still can’t decide which one to read next.

You open your kindle and riffle through the unread books and suddenly a title catches your eye that you bought a while ago because you couldn’t resist its allure and still you haven’t made time to read it. So you open it, just to read the first page or two to remind yourself what it’s about …. And 50 pages later you’re absolutely hooked and those other books – well they can just sit back and wait!

In fact it didn’t take 50 pages for me to be hooked it was almost immediate.

My review …..

Invisible took me where I hoped “The Widow” by Fiona Barton was going to take me and much further, it immersed me more fully inside the head of a woman whose husband is accused of a terrible crime.

The whole book is written in the format of a diary to whom the main protagonist confesses her innermost thoughts and fears and its clear from the onset that there’s something a little amiss with her relationship with her husband Daryl, a hunky great bear of a man, but she loves him, she always has and even if he sometimes treats her a little domineeringly, behaves crushingly, is jealous of her friendships –  she accepts that it’s all because he loves her and she wants to make an effort to get things back on track, it seems to be working, they’re closer than ever – aren’t they?

They enjoy a nice holiday abroad together, and if one night rather too much alcohol is consumed and they have a little falling out, well that nearly always happens on holiday, right?

But overall things ARE better, he even agrees the time is right to start a family together. She is happy (nearly all of the time!)

Until one night her (your, my) worst imaginable nightmare comes true. Armed police appear in the couples bedroom, he is arrested and she spends the worst night of her life locked in a grim police cell.


Can you imagine? She loves this man, he’s a big gentle teddy bear, he couldn’t possibly have done the dreadful things he’s being accused of (despite some of her friends finding him scary, freaky, threatening)

But this is only the start of how bad things can get.

Her life in tatters, she makes it her raison d’etre to help prove his innocence, to support him and she waits, for the day everyone will realise he couldn’t have done what he stands accused of, she KNOWS this, she was with him, she is his alibi, she will be vindicated.

Oh dear me!

I worry a bit about this author – she gets right inside the mind of a serial killer like no other author I have even known, how does she DO this so well?

I adored her novel Flowers for the dead, in fact I couldn’t STOP tweeting about it, praising it, loving it. So this one, written earlier than that couldn’t possibly live up to my expectations – Don’t be silly, of course it could! It BLEW MY SOCKS RIGHT OFF. Look at my freezing cold toes.

This is a KILLER of a thriller. It’s shocking, its dark, it’s so scary it made me feel sick (in the best possible way of course) and it’s utterly believable.

Read it, but preferably not when your husbands off working nights, or I guarantee you’ll be quizzing him about work just that little bit more than usual when he gets in.

At time of writing this book is available for your kindle at the scarily silly price of just 99p.

What are you waiting for?


  1. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous review for Invisible, Jan! Thank you so much!! I'm so, so glad to hear that you enjoyed it - and I promise, if you ever met me, I don't seem like the sort of person who has serial killers on the brain :) Thank you again! xx

    1. Oh I hope you DO have them on the brain Barbara - I'm eagerly waiting for you to give birth to another monstrous creation!


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