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Never Alone - Elizabeth Haynes - creepy and tense

BLOG TOUR - Never Alone - Elizabeth Haynes

I'm thrilled to be part of the blog tour for the hugely anticipated new psychological thriller from Elizabeth Haynes, Author of several highly acclaimed, successful, tense and twisty books including the wonderful Into the Darkest Corner.

I was fortunate enough to receive an advance copy from the publisher, Myriad Editions (hint .... you can read the first chapter for FREE on their website) and as my contribution to the blog tour here are my humble thoughts on the book ....

My Review

If you like a book that insinuates its way gently into your psyche until it reaches fever pitch then leaves you screaming with terror, this IS that book, it's a real creeper and begins ever so gently in a tranquil rural location in North Yorkshire.

Sarah is a widow, Mum of 2 grown up kids, a son Louis, from whom she is estranged and a daughter Kitty who she is very close to but has flown the nest. She lives in a fairly remote house with a small cottage annexe, high on a hillside on the North Yorkshire moors. I felt a great affinity for the Northern location especially as Sarah frequently visits Thirsk and Northallerton which are just up the road from where I live, so I really felt at home amidst the pages of this book. When you're on home ground everything seems very authentic, I felt as though Sarah was someone I'd met, perhaps she was having coffee with her best friend Sophie in the local tea rooms and I'd spoken to her? Yes the characters are very human which helps them crawl under your skin and take up residence.

Sarah’s best friend Sophie lives not far away from her and when Aidan, an ex of Sarah’s from college days, turns up needing somewhere to stay, she is happy to rent him her recently re-furbished cottage and is not averse to rekindling an old flame she has kept burning for him over the years.

There are frequent visits from a young bloke called Will, a friend of Sarah’s son and the isolated location I was expecting is belied by the title – She IS never alone, there’s always someone hanging around. But there are mysteries surrounding all the characters, everyone has something to hide and even Sarah’s late husband had his secrets, nobody is quite what they seem, everyone has something they wish to keep hidden.

What begins as a rekindled romance soon escalates into a series of passionate encounters, but is it Sarah who’s obsessed with Aidan or the other way round? He’s hot and sexy and seems to be just what she needs to bring her out of her shell, there are quite a few raunchy moments in this book, maybe someone is no better than they should be, as my Mother used to say?

This is a gripping psychological thriller where the pace builds gradually to a rip roaring climax of exceptional tension and terror, it's violent, its sexy and it's incredibly cunning.

The story is told in 3 tenses, Sarah's story, the main part is written in standard 3rd person narrative, then Aidan's is written in a rather strange form of 1st person where he refers to himself as “you” as if he’s taking about himself to himself and this was a little harder for me to follow. Then there is another thread every now and again and this is an unrevealed narrators thoughts in first person. I twigged instantly, whose voice this was, yet it still made for scary reading. Maybe you won't guess who it is, it's deliberately ambiguous and could be any of half a dozen people in the story.

The book is extremely well written and really gripping and I like to think my ability to interpret all the little clues and predict the outcome, stems from a kinship with the authors unique and fascinating style. If you loved Into the darkest corner as I did, you won't fail to thrill to this one.

Never Alone builds to a terrifying crescendo of violence and terror which had me on the edge of my seat, you won’t want to miss this fantastic read.

The Blurb

From the award-winning and bestselling author of Into the Darkest Corner comes a gripping new psychological thriller 
Sarah Carpenter lives with her two dogs in a farmhouse, high on the North Yorkshire moors. Alone for the first time since her husband died and her children left home, she isn’t exactly lonely but welcomes the arrival of an old friend, Aiden Beck, who needs a place to stay.
Aiden clearly has secrets, but then so does Sarah, and that’s no reason not to respond to his warmth and charm. But something doesn’t feel quite right. As the weather closes in, and snowfall blocks the roads, events take a dramatic turn and suddenly Sarah finds herself in terrible danger, unsure of who she can trust.

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  1. I was sent a copy of this - I'll definitely read it soon!


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