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Blog Tour - The Devil's Work - Mark Edwards - chilling

BLOG TOUR and my Review

The Devil’s Work – Mark Edwards

My Review:

Having read and loved books by this author before I was excited to be asked to take part in the blog tour for his latest psychological thriller The Devils Work, not least because it meant I got to read a copy in advance of publication, Yayyy.

If you read to the end of my review you’ll find there’s a chance to win your very own copy of The Devils work, in fact one of 2 copies being kindly provided by the publisher.

The Devils Work reminded me what a very clever writer this guy is: Firstly he blows away my usual personal preference of reading books written by women – he writes from a female perspective intensely believably. Secondly he can write red herrings and twists into a story like nobody’s business, and in this book he ramps up the tension and pace so I was gnawing my nails down to the skin.

This book hooked me in instantly with the main protagonist young Mum Sophie getting her dream job with a major publishing house (Err my dream job, almost any avid readers job, so this is going to hook in a lot of readers) But it turns out to be the stuff nightmares are made of.

To begin with it’s difficult for Sophie juggling home life with a demanding job but it’s what she’s always wanted so she’s prepared to make a few sacrifices, but little does she realise quite how much is at stake.

Firstly things begin to go wrong which put the pressure on her, her husband becomes unwittingly involved in a scandal which threatens his job, the office politics at her new firm are difficult to get to grips with, someone seems to be causing trouble but who and why? We are treated to a series of flashbacks to Sophie’s days at university and as her past is revealed things begin to make sense, then they don’t as we are led along false pathways only to trip unwittingly over a sheer drop at the end into yet another nightmarish scenario.

Is someone deliberately targeting Sophie? Are the dead mice pinned to her front door left there to warn her or aimed at her husband? Is someone following her?

It’s a wonderfully tense read, which builds to manic proportions. Every time you think things can’t get any worse they do. There are scares and surprises galore and there are a couple of real OMG moments where everything is turned on its head and you have to re-think everything you thought you’d worked out.

Terrifically entertaining and immensely terrifying The Devils work is a thriller you don’t want to miss by talented author Mark Edwards.


Don’t miss your chance to sup with the Devil and WIN a lovely brand new paperback copy of this tantalising new book.

To be in with a chance to win just add a reply to this post, telling me what your dream job would be, there must be a way for me to contact the winner, so please sign in to Blogger, or add your Twitter handle or Google plus id so I can message the 2 lucky winners when the prize is drawn on the 27th September.


  1. Spray tanner to the male stars on strictly come dancing,,,,,the gorgeous ones that is hehe! 😉
    Regards Miriam Smith

  2. ANNOUNCEMENT - the lucky winners are Hannah Leslie via Twitter and Miriam Smith via email/blog congratulations ladies x


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