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Watching Edie - Blog tour, review and competition to win a copy of the book

Watching Edie

I'm delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for Watching Edlie the fab psychological thriller from Camilla Way.

Firstly you can read my review: Which was originally published on my blog here

Then scroll down to enter my free prize draw to win one of TWO copies of this fab book.

UPDATE - Competition now closed:

The 2 lucky winners of a copy are Victoria Prince and Miriam Smith - Congratulations I hope you both enjoy your book.

I will contact you for your details and the prizes will be sent directly by the publisher.

My Review

This is a completely engrossing read. I did what I seldom do – received this, opened it, began reading immediately and continued until I’d read it, virtually at one sitting.

That’s not to say it’s a lightweight read either, although it’s easy enough to follow. It just grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.

It’s the story of Edie and Heather, who were friends at school, Edie was loud and confident, she’s the first one to try things, make-up, boys, drinking. Shy, plump Heather is the quieter one, she doesn’t make friends well, is a little bit of a misfit, the one people snigger at behind their hands for her non-coolness. Neither completely fit in, this pair need the closeness of a best mate. The 2 girls gravitate together. Both with fractured and difficult family lives they seem as needy as each other, but Heather perhaps more than most. Together with a couple more girls they form their own little clique which Heather sometimes feels on the outskirts of.

But when Edie meets the devastatingly handsome but wild and unpredictable atypical bad lad, Connor and falls head over heels in a doomed love affair with him Heather gets her nose pushed out. She loves Edie and doesn’t want to see her hurt so vows to try and stick around to protect her. This has repercussions which haunt the girls in later life.

I could relate to so much of the teenage angst both girls experience. Insecurities, longings and failings make them seem so human, that by the time I emerged from my reading fest I was not just shaken and shocked, I was confused - Had I been there with them? Were these real girls I’ve known?

Fast forward 16 years. We don’t know what happened to drive these 2 girls apart. We do know that Edie hasn’t made a complete success of her life, living in a poky flat she is single and pregnant and has been working as a waitress. She is also pretty isolated, has no friends to speak of, has lost touch with her family and frankly she’s daunted by the prospect of single motherhood.

Then there’s a knock on her door, and Heather shows up. Her face is the last one Edie expected to see and despite offering friendship and help she seems more scared than pleased to see her old best friend. But Heather’s made contact and isn’t about to let go easily.

What follows is a portrait of doomed friendships, obsession, secrets and guilt. Both parties are deeply flawed, events from the past unfold insidiously and ominously revealing a doomed friendship tainted by bad decisions and misplaced loyalties, between 2 girls neither of whom are the most stable of characters but both are really likeable.

My sympathy veered wildly from one girl to the other. In fact both girls gained my empathy so what could have just been a tense nail biter became also a haunting emotional expedition between past and present. Damaged girls become damaged women and its inevitable that their early years have had a huge impact on their lives, but is it just the after effects of coming from shattered backgrounds and mixing with the wrong people, or is there much more behind the girls story? Oh I think you know already there must be!

Although each girl is at times painted in varying shades of black I actually liked both of them and was rooting for first one then the other and finally for both, you can never quite decide who did what to whom, until the stunning climax, which made the final twist of the knife all the more shocking and agonising. This book left me reeling I felt as though I’d been punched in the gut and I recommend it unreservedly if you like people based, emotional stories with plenty of twists and turns. An awesome read.

I received my copy from Shelley and Louise, the Lovereading book review team, on behalf of the publisher, the excellent Harper Collins in exchange for my review.

Thanks Girls you picked a Good’un.

The Blurb ....

Beautiful, creative, a little wild - Edie caused a stir when she walked into Heather’s life. Back when they both had dreams for the future. Before it all went horribly, terrifyingly wrong…

Years later Edie is pregnant and alone, desperately trying to rebuild her life. But someone’s been watching her, waiting for the chance to prove what a perfect friend she can be.

It’s no coincidence that Heather shows up just when Edie needs her the most.

A dark secret lies between them and Edie’s about to learn that those who have hurt us deeply—or who we have hurt—never let us go…


Here's how to win:

Entries from UK and Ireland only please.

Post a comment at the end of this post telling me who you'd least like to bump into from your school days and why. 
You must also provide a way for me to contact you, via your blog link, email or Twitter ID.

The draw will take place on Monday 8th August and will be drawn the traditional way. All names will be placed in a box and two winners drawn out by my partner.

Prizes will be sent directly from the Publisher Harper Collins. 


  1. Hi Jan, nothing exciting really, I just wouldn't want to bump into my PE teacher from my senior school, wouldn't want to be reminded of the horrid runs through the school showers whilst she watched! Regards, Miriam Smith. Email -

    1. Sounds like the same sadistic PE teacher who put me off swimming! Do you suppose they trained them in looking scornful and intimidating?

    2. I think all PE teachers have got a sadistic side to them - creepy really. 😧

  2. The two girls who found it funny to tease me when my Gran died - how sick is that?
    @crimeworm1 is the best way to contact me. Love the blog - can't believe I haven't found it before!

    1. Nice to have you here Linda.Kids can be so hurtful can't they.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. a girl called Sarah. She bulled me because i dated her ex

    1. sorry, best way to contact me is @zeniebeenie :)

  4. Most of the children as I hated the school and the pupils

  5. my French teacher Mrs Thomas she was purely a witch

  6. My best mate Angie from school - I know where she is, just haven't the time to meet up xx

  7. Probably one of my horrible old teachers. My art teacher was mean!

  8. I would't want to bump into my year one teacher, she was truly scary and I'm sure she'd still scare me now! My twitter is @haningham

  9. ooohhh the one l'd LEAST like to bump into is . . . . . my PE teacher, l've never forgiven her for awarding a free kick to the other side when a hockey ball smashed into my leg - as l had technically kicked the ball. Grrrr. My twitter handle is @ChrisA2468

  10. My French teacher - she was scary

  11. I'd least like to bump into my old self as I am a much happier and confident person now and meeting the old me would be painful! My twitter is @usindagenham

  12. Definitely the p.e teacher. I used to hide so I didn't have to do p.e

  13. Contact me @pandasgosplat twitter

  14. My physics teacher - he was just such an odd guy.

  15. I wouldn't want to run into anyone from my school days: The unhappiest days of my life. If I had to pick the worst it would probably be the girl who tried to turn me and my best friend against each other. @Natterjacktoad7

  16. I would have said "the school bully" but years ago she came for the vacancy at the firm I was working at, unfortunately she was rude to me the minute she came through the door (something about "OOOH, didn't know YOU worked here" - in a nasty voice). Not a great impression when I was talking to the person who was just about to interview her. Of course she didn't get the job (due to her attitude).

  17. I'd least like to bump into my head of year because I was really poorly during a lot of my first year of secondary school and he was really nasty to me, and I don't think really believed there was anything wrong - and I remember on one particular occasion when he called me into his office and gave me a lecture on attendance! Twitter @TheBouncyFrog

  18. Gosh, what a thought provoking question, and in all honesty, I don't think theres anyone I wouldn't want to bump into. Loads that I would and sadly no longer here to do so.

  19. UPDATE - thanks for all the entries
    The lucky winners of a copy of Watching Edie are
    Victoria Prince and
    Miriam Smith.
    I'll contact you for your details.
    Prizes will be sent by the publisher.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.


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