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Falling suns - Julie-Ann Corrigan - Author guest spot and review

Falling Suns Author Q&A

I'm pleased to welcome new author Julie-Ann Corrigan to Beadyjans books today. Celebrating the launch of her debut novel Falling Suns, you can read my review here today too.

I held a fascinating Question and Answer session with Julie-Ann, which I hope you enjoy.

Here's a picture of her so you can see who we are chatting to:

Hello Julie-Ann. It’s great to have you here on my blog, thank you for popping along to answer some questions about your writing.

Q: Firstly, please could you tell readers a little about yourself?

A: Thank you so much for having me over on your blog.

I’m married, with one teenage daughter, and 18 months ago we welcomed a very cute cockapoo into our household. We think he was the runt of the litter, which makes us love him even more!
I’m a qualified physiotherapist but at the moment writing full-time. I am very lucky.

Here's that adorable cockapoo now tell me isn't he just gorgeous!

Q: How did you get the idea for your book Falling Suns?

A: First came the idea of a distraught mother and a missing boy, and then at the same time I was thinking about this idea I read few articles online about psychiatric institutions, and decided I wanted to write about both.
Great Idea to combine the 2

Q: What was the most difficult part when writing your book?

A: Definitely writing Rachel. Getting inside the head of a distraught mother whose child is missing and later found dead was not a good place to be. Writing Michael Hemmings was difficult too, but more because I wasn’t sure how far to push and delve into his character.
I admire your tenacity I don't think I would be able to put myself in that position, which is probabaly why I'm not an author!

Q: When you're not writing, what do you like to read?

A: I do like non-fiction and when writing a first draft that’s what you will find me reading!
I love reading psych thrillers, obviously, but like to read in other genres too. I like historical fiction, and I do love a good literary read. I like espionage thrillers too.
We share a love of historical as well as the psychologically thrilling.

Q: As your book is part of a blog tour, do you review books after you've read them and where do you post your own reviews?

A: I have to confess I’m not good at writing and posting reviews, but now I’m a writer myself, I am trying to do more of them. I normally post on Amazon. 
I think twice only have I emailed an author to tell them how much I loved their work. That was DM Thomas for The White Hotel, and Khaled Hosseini for A Thousand Splendid Suns. Mr Thomas did reply!
Early on in my writing ‘career’ I enjoyed very much interviewing authors for a local online Arts and Culture magazine.
I hope to start a blog on my own website soon, and there I will review other authors’ novels.
Can't wait to read your new review blog, you've said it publicly now, so you have to do it!

Q: Are you active on Social Media and how important a part do you feel it is to authors today?

A: I’m a chatterbox on Facebook! I’m not so into twitter, but attempting to be.
I think that for newbie authors, being on social media is imperative for their ‘presence,’ if you like. Also, writing is a lonely business so it’s good to be able to connect with people without having to leave the house!
So true, Social Media is the best way to connect with like minded people whilst still in your pj's!

Q: Finally is there one more question you’d have liked to be asked – and what would your answer have been? .....

 ......Is all the hard work of writing, editing and publishing a novel, and often intermittent disappointment, worth it?

A: On my publication day it definitely is, and I can’t thank my publisher, my writing friends, and agent, enough for having faith in the book. 

Great question and fab final answer. and I'll add MY thanks, to you, for coming along today and giving some of your time to take part in my blog.

Julie-Ann's new thriller Falling Suns has just been released and is available now in paperback or ebook

My Review

Imagine you’re a Mother who is no longer a Mother. Your only child has been abducted and murdered and you no longer trust those closest to you.

The convicted murderer of your young son Joe, has links to your family and is responsible for not just the brutal ending of your son’s life but of your own life as you knew it. Your child is dead, your family are hiding secrets, you can no longer do the job you love effectively and your husband has had an affair and left you, and all of this has happened since the day your 7 year old boy didn’t come home. Wouldn’t you want revenge?

Grieving Mum Rachel is in a better position than most to exact her revenge, she is an ex detective Inspector with in depth knowledge of the criminal side of life, and has the knowledge and contacts to dig deep beneath the surface and reveal what lies beneath. Coupled with this she’s a strong and determined woman – cue mayhem!

The story begins as Rachel is still hoping Joe might come home, but its soon obvious this isn’t going to happen. We witness a harrowing trial and conviction and begin to discover distasteful truths about Rachels own family, but its only when we fast forward a few years to discover the convicted paedophile and murderer is in a secure hospital and may soon be transferred to a less secure unit, that we begin to discover nothing is quite what it seemed at first.

It’s dark and dramatic and covers some very unpleasant topics, but it’s very cleverly constructed with a rather unreliable narrator and some unsavoury twists to leave even the most die-hard thriller aficionado reeling. There are some truly despicable characters and some just not very nice ones but most have their own dirty little secrets for the reader to discover.

Not for the faint hearted, a disturbing thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat and squirming with dislike and distaste filled with characters you'll love to hate, and a few you'll end up sympathising with.

The Blurb

Ex-DI Rachel’s small son is missing. Then his body is discovered. Her cousin Michael is found guilty of his murder and incarcerated in a secure psychiatric unit.

Four years later, now divorced and back in the police force, Rachel discovers that Michael is being released to a less secure step-down unit, with his freedom a likely eventuality. Unable to cope with this, she decides upon revenge, assuming a new identity to hunt him down and kill him. However, as she closes in on her target, her friend Jonathan, a journalist, uncovers some unnerving information about her mother and others in her family and begins to suspect that Rachel’s perception of the truth might not be as accurate as she thinks – that she might be about to murder the wrong man…

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  1. Fascinating interview! Having read 'Falling Suns' (and loved it) myself, it makes such sense that you have a background in psychotherapy - the psychological insights in the book are so acute. Also makes sense that you should have lived 'the White Hotel'!


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