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Willow Walk - S J I Holliday - tense crime thriller

My review

I don't usually like stories featuring police investigations and detectives but I previously read and enoyed Black Wood by the same author, which is the first in this series featuring the engaging police officer Davie Gray, in the small Scottish town setting of Banktoun.

This second novel in the series sets the same claustrophobic small town feel. For such a small town its caught up with the 21st century and has plenty of crime and suspense going on.

The book throws you right in at the deep end with the prologue featuring the aftermath of a drug fuelled party leaving a very unpleasant taste in your mouth. There is a gentle seething darkness to Ms Hallidays writing which creates a creeping sense of unease and growing horror.

Davie is informed that theres a young womans body he needs to go and investigate and his hearts in his mouth with the fear that it could be Marie, a local woman with whom he's been starting to build a relationship. It's not her but Marie is currently having some concerns, is she being followed and if so who by and why? Whats happening in her life to make her so uneasy?

Davie's job can be boring, in a small local police station where nothing much ever happens, so when a colleague asks for his help looking into the increasing use of so called legal highs, he's happy to accept, without realising the relevance it will have to what's happening on his local patch.

An escaped psychiatric patient is suspected of attacking a woman, but there seems to be some connection between him and Marie and just what happened in the past to make her so secretive?

Its a very gripping story and the characters are well rounded and believeable.

Although the book refers to events which happened in Black Wood, it can be read as a stand alone although I'd recommend reading both because it will enhance your enjoyment of this one if you already know and have developed a soft spot for the hapless and gentle police officer Davie. It did for me. It's a tense and scary thriller with a gripping storyline which confronts several contemporary and contentious issues. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys thrillers, crime and a tense, nail biting read.

I received a free copy from the Publisher Black and White Publishing in exchange for a review. Its already available for your kindle and is due to be released in paperback on 10th June.

The Blurb

When the past catches up, do you run and hide or stand and fight? 

When a woman is brutally attacked on a lonely country road by an escaped inmate from a nearby psychiatric hospital, Sergeant Davie Gray must track him down before he strikes again. But Gray is already facing a series of deaths connected to legal highs and a local fairground, as well as dealing with his girlfriend Marie's bizarre behaviour. 

As Gray investigates the crimes, he suspects a horrifying link between Marie and the man on the run - but how can he confront her when she's pushing him away? As a terrified Marie is pulled back into a violent past she thought she'd escaped, she makes an irrevocable decision. And when events come to a head at a house party on Willow Walk, can Gray piece together the puzzle in time to stop the sleepy town of Banktoun being rocked by tragedy once more?

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