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The lost and found life of Rosy Bennett - Jan Birley - Love on the farm

My thoughts

This is an enjoyable Chick - lit/ family drama about a young Mother of 2 boys who suddenly finds herself a widow and in a precarious situation. In a scenario I hope never to experience, Rosy’s husband drops dead on the morning train right in front of her and her cosy well-heeled enviable life crumbles to pieces.

Her 2 boys are hard to handle youngsters and make life even more difficult – in particular the younger lad James is just a nightmare! I found Rosy’s attitude toward dealing with him a little bit namby-pamby, he really needed a firm hand and the way he spoke to her was appalling.

Not only does Rosy find herself unexpectedly a single Mum, she is horrified to discover that the beautiful family home with all its lovely memories has been mortgaged to the hilt to fund her husband’s completely secret and unlikely purchase of a run-down Alpaca farm in the wilds of Dorset.

Being townies Rosy and her sons are reluctant to move there but their situation forces them to sell their urban nest and relocate, learning about Alpaca farming and country life as they go. I found the idea of Alpaca farming which is the main storyline in this lovely book, really appealing and I wish my husband would secretly buy an alpaca farm behind my back!

Settling in to their new life Rosy finds the chance of romance but baulks at getting into a new relationship so soon after her husband’s sudden death although she seems remarkably open to giving it a try, especially as her husband’s double life reveals itself and her relationship with him turns out to have been built on sand.

This is a light hearted way of weaving a story around quite awful situations and making it fun and easy to read chick-lit. A great romantic beach read for the summer and definitely one for fans of Erica James and Katie Fforde and highly recommended for all die hard chick lit lovers.

I received a free ebook from the authors publicists Hello Chick-lit for reviewing.

The blurb

Rosy loved her London life – her job in a designer shop, her gorgeous West London family house and of course her gorgeous family (although young sons are enough to test anyone at times). All that disappears when, one unremarkable morning, after one unremarkable school run, her husband collapses on a crowded tube carriage and dies. 

As she struggles her way through the grief, she discovers her husband’s secret life: secrets accounts, secret deals that their solicitor knew nothing of, secret debts and what looks like a secret “very close friend” at least. 

Totally unprepared and suddenly in debt, Rosy is forced to leave London to start a new life with her incredibly reluctant boys in the countryside. Can angsty urban teenagers cope with farm life, let alone enjoy it? More to the point, can their mother? It’s certainly not going to be easy but when you are at rock bottom the only way is up.


  1. I've got this on my tbr pile too so I'm glad to see you enjoyed it!


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