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The Last Thing I remember - Deborah Bee - thrilling

My review

The last thing I remember .... is typing the final few words of my review for this and then my pc crashed!! Oh I’m so gutted! I'd written a detailed review and lost the lot. I’ll have to try and remember what I said, don’t you just HATE it when that happens!

This is a very competent debut novel. Exciting and gripping, a psychological page turner, written in the very different voices of 2 women.

First voice we hear is the thoughts of Sarah, a young woman in her 20s who has no physical voice at the moment, as she is lying in hospital in a coma unable to move, speak or do anything at all apart from think and hear what others are saying although she cannot react in any way. She has been injured and left with practically no memory of events in fact at first she can’t even remember who she is.

The other voice is that of Kelly, a neighbours daughter, who waits for Sarah to regain consciousness, her vigil at the hospital unusual only in that you’d think a 15 year old an implausible friend for a young married woman but it appears the 2 were unlikely but close friends with something in common, the desire to stamp out bullying.

Kelly is “like OMG, I’m not even lying, FML (fuck my life)” her voice really grated on me she says LIKE about every single thing and perhaps my inability to relate to her way of speaking shows me up as the old fart I undoubtedly am. I heard her voice in my head as that of Matt Lucas character - Vicky Pollard from little Britain which I found rather off putting!

Both women live in an apparently rough area of London called Tottenham of which I have no knowledge and am pretty glad about that, it sounds a rather revolting place. Thrown together by circumstances and being neighbours they have come to rely on each other and Kelly wants to be there when (if) Sarah wakes up. So do her rather irritating and somewhat self centred family, Mum and Dad who have come along to wait at Sarah’s bedside and complain a lot, her mouthy sister who wants to play tapes and talk, to stir Sarah from her coma and a strange man who turns up at her bedside – just who IS he?

The whole story gallops along at a rip roaring pace and we get to know more about Sarah as she begins to remember things and revisits her own past in her thoughts. It’s clever and twisty and a real page turner, easy to follow and a nice quite quick read which kept me thoroughly entertained and wondering for a couple of days. It’s quirky and different and very absorbing and I enjoyed reading it.

My thanks go to Twenty7 books from whom I won a signed copy of this book, without which it may have evaded my attention.

The Blurb

For fans of BA Paris' Behind Closed Doors and The Girl With No Past, a tense thriller with a clever and original premise - and a devilish twist

Sarah is in a coma.

Her memory is gone - she doesn't know how she got there. And she doesn't know how she might get out.

But then she discovers that her injury wasn't an accident. And that the assailant hasn't been caught.

Unable to speak, see or move, Sarah must use every clue that she overhears to piece together her own past.

And work out who it is that keeps coming into her room.

A novel that grips from the very beginning and that will live long in the memory, The Last Thing I Remember is Deborah Bee's startling debut thriller.

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