Monday, 25 April 2016

In too Deep - Samantha Hayes - a very twisty tale

My thoughts

Another competent and gripping psychological thriller from Samantha Hayes.

Gina hasn't had things easy, her beloved son was killed in a hit and run car accident a couple of years ago now her husband nipped out to the corner shop and never came back. She is convinced he will turn up despite police investigations turning up nothing at all. Why did he disappear, and what secrets was he hiding, did he meet with an accident, has he been murdered?

So, when a phone call from a luxury hotel reveals that a booking was made by her husband for a weekend break for the 2 of them she decides to turn up, taking her teenage daughter Hannah, who is also pretty stressed. She's missing her dad and brother too and uni doesn't seem to be going as well as hoped.

Gina keeps hitting the bottle and drowning her sorrows, her job at an estate agent is no longer fulfilling and she needs a break. She is also half convinced it could all be an elaborate hoax by her husband and is hoping he might show up at the hotel shouting surprise! Even though he's been gone for months.

But this doesn't happen and even though the hotels lovely and she makes friends with Susan the hotel owner, nothings quite as it seems, undercurrents flow through every nuance and secrets are layered upon secrets.

The beauty of the story is revealing bit by bit exactly what happened to Gina's husband and what is going on with all the characters, because every single character in the book has something to hide. The Author plants clues and red herrings throughout the book. I must confess I did work out a lot of what had happened and was delighted to discover I'd puzzled it out correctly, yet there were still one or two surprises and twists in the tail, and although by the end all the mysteries are resolved there is still a bit of a cliff hanger that made me cry out "Nooo, don't leave me dangling"

A must for fans of this author and lovers of fast paced twisty stories with masses of secrets and lies.

My copy was kindly provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

The blurb

The compelling new psychological suspense novel, from the author of Until You're Mine, Before You Die and You Belong to Me. Perfect for fans of S J Watson and Sophie Hannah.
     Your husband goes out to buy a newspaper. He never comes back. 

     Months later, an unexpected phone call puts you and your daughter in unimaginable danger. 

     Even if he were still alive, your husband can't save you now. 

     He told you way too many lies for that.


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