Sunday, 11 January 2015

Keep Quiet - Lisa Scottoline - moral dilemma thriller

The publishers blurb:

After picking up his sixteen-year-old son, Ryan, from the cinema one evening, Jake Buckman decides to let him practice driving home along a seemingly quiet street. It is a decision that will alter the lives of their family for ever, as Ryan hits a jogger, who does not survive. What follows is not a clear-cut hit and run, but a split-second decision by a father who will do anything to protect his son.

But just how much can a parent sacrifice to protect their own child?

And how will Ryan cope with the consequences of his actions?

My review

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive" 

An old saying which sums up this book perfectly, as Jake will discover when he makes a split second decision to protect his teenage son Ryan which sets his life on a downward spiral of terrifying repercussions. When Jake allows Ryan to drive his car at night he doesn't think for one second it will lead to them covering up a fatal accident in order for them both to avoid a prison sentence and keeping it hidden from his wife Pam, who's high powered job as a judge would be compromised too, but one lie begets another and the backlash is so great it seems as though nothing will ever go right again in Jake's life.

I have to be honest and admit the style of writing isn't up to the literary standard I've come to expect from recent psychological thrillers I've read, the characters are very 2 dimensional and unlikeable and the dialogue is stilted, repetitive and downright annoying. So much so, that about 30 pages in I began to think to myself "I may not finish this" .... "I think I'll stop reading it" but the storyline is so fast paced, so relentless, that there wasn't a point I felt I could give up at. I kept on turning the pages to find out what would happen next and before I knew where I was, I was at the end having read the lot in a couple of sessions!

Which is after all the point of a book - to captivate you and keep you wanting to read on. So I forgive the lack of refinement and finesse and applaud the exciting storytelling and sheer gripping entertainment value.

It will be loved by any fans of this authors previous books, I would liken the writing to that of Val McDermid or Linwood Barclay and feel this book wil also appeal to readers who enjoy their books.

A tense and exciting domestic moral dilemma thriller with little depth but tons of compelling drama.

My thanks to Bookbridgr and the publisher Headline for my review copy.

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