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My Favourite reads of 2014

Its coming to the end of the year and as I'll be away on holiday for a large part of December I've decided to compile my top 20 books of the year.

My tastes are leaning more towards the psychological thriller genre, but I've also read a few cracking historical books and some lovely family drama/ romantic novels. Not surprising that 17/20 are female authors as I make no bones about often being able to relate far better to characters created by women. Anyway all these 20 got a roaring 5 star review from me and I can highly recommend them all.

Top reads of 2014

Top 3 

One to watch out for in 2015...
The Girl on the train, Paula Hawkins
My favourite read this year is a book which most readers have yet to discover as it's not due for publication until later in 2015. You lucky things!
If you like tangled tales, unreliable narrators, apprehension and tension in your stories look no further. The Girl on the train is waiting to blow your mind - go for it!

Beautiful day, Kate Anthony
Beautiful day is a beautiful read, in fact it's a beautiful offering altogether from Penguin with a delightfully pretty cover and the sheer readability which grabs you from page one.

Keep your friends close, Paula Daly
This rollercoaster of misplaced trust, hidden pasts, secrets, betrayal and psychological mayhem grabs you by the short and curlies from paragraph one.

All the others in no particular order

Who are you, Elizabeth Forbes
It is merciless and barbaric and yet heart wrenching too, it plays with your mind and gets in your head and is as twisted as anything I've ever read.

The Accident, CL Taylor
It's the story of Sue who's teenage daughter Charlotte lies in a coma after an accident. You won't know whether to trust everything Sue tells us, you'll begin to doubt her reliability as a narrator, but you will just have to keep on reading to find out the awful truths in this gripping and haunting novel.

Her, Harriet Lane
A creeping cliffhanger

A trick of the mind, Penny Hancock
A real page turner with flawed characters in a flawless story

Remember me this way, Sabine Durrant
Twisted and devious with a menacing feel which creeps up on you

The hidden girl, Louise Millar
A twisty, psychological, mystery thriller set between bustling London and the quiet rural backwaters of Suffolk

The Testament of Vida Tremayne, Sarah Vincent
This creepy and menacing psychological chiller, looks at difficult family relationships, loneliness, stress and mental health frailties

The memory book, Rowan Coleman
A truly epic novel that will remain in my memory for years after I have forgotten how to use my front door key and how to put on my shoes!

Little mercies, Heather Gudenkauf
A family drama which was like taking part in an unfolding tragedy I could do nothing about but cheer from the sidelines and hold my breath when things got to their very worst

Ghostwritten, Isabel Wolff
A moving and haunting account of how two women's lives are moulded by tragedy and loss.

Where love lies, Julie Cohen
A romantic read with a little darker twist to it

The gilded lily, Deborah Swift
Historical fiction set in grimy, 17th century, restoration London

The vanishing witch Karen Maitland
Historical drama set amidst the peasants rebellion in medieval Lincolnshire where superstition rules.

The Fair Fight, Anna Freeman
Set in 18th century Bristol this is the story of Ruth a pugilist, brought up in a brothel, gritty and realistic iits a fabulous piece of historical drama.

More than this, Patrick Ness
Written for the YA reader yet the adult themes, feelings and emotions make it a must read for any age.
Mr Mercedes, Stephen King
Evil genius from the master of thrills.

The extraordinary life of Frank Derrick age 81, JB Morrison
You'd have to read this book to appreciate its humour and poignancy yet in many ways I found it unbearably sad. It's about old age, loneliness and the importance relatively small kindnesses assume to someone who is alone.

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  1. We have a very similar taste. I've read lots of these. I'll put together my list soon!


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