Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Her - Harriet Lane - a creeping cliffhanger

The Blurb:

Would you be friends with her?

Two different women; two different worlds. Nina is sophisticated, moneyed and damaged. Emma is a struggling young mother who has put her life on hold. After Nina meets Emma by chance, she begins to draw Emma into her privileged world.

But this isn't the first time the women have crossed paths. Nina remembers Emma and she remembers what Emma did. But what did Emma do? How far will Nina go to punish her? And when will Emma realise that her new friend is a disturbing face from the past?

My thoughts ...

I finished this book last night, and when I finished I made a noise  out loud, halfway between a shriek and a groan and my husband came running into the room thinking I'd seen a spider (Yeah I'm a big girl now, but those nasties terrify and disgust me)

It was the sound of, "nooo, don't leave me here", It was a noise of "OMG" and it was a signal of smug satisfaction, of "I kind of knew something like that was coming" and best of all it could be described as "WHAT THE FUCK??"

I was given my copy by a friend, Anne of the great book blog "Being Anne" whose review had me saying “I must read that” and who thought I'd enjoy it. It was totally my cup of tea.

A story of 2 women, Emma the hassled, busy Mother battling with motherhood and always feeling she never quite makes the mark, Nina, successful, mother of a teenager, much more well off, older husband well organised nice home, both women seem a little lonely, neither are particularly likeable but I could easily relate to both of them and their frustrations.

Nina enters Emmas life in the guise of saviour, more than once coming to the rescue at just the right time. Emma is only too pleased to have someone show an interest in her and her chaotic life, and her gratitude and relief are palpable. It’s that easy for Nina to worm her way into Emma’s world and gain her trust, for Nina does it on purpose, she remembers Emma from a long time ago yet Emma has no recollection of this. Nina has an ulterior motive – one which is not purely based on friendship – Oh my goodness no!

We soon begin to see Nina in a different light, she is calculating and cold, has a dark and sinister side, and grows increasingly more evil throughout the book. Yet of the two women I actually admired her the most. She made my blood run cold yes, but I kind of admired her determination to right a perceived wrong she has let fester in her mind over the years until it has consumed her.

It builds quite gently from a story of friendship and everyday life, with a creeping sense of unease into a scene of “Domestic Noir” and we know we are hurtling towards a clifftop and can’t stop!

Reminiscent of Louise Millars excellent “The Playdate” this book explores the theme of female friendship, grudges and secrets and reminds us that we shouldn’t always take everyone at face value. Do you really trust your friends?

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