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Under your skin - Sabine Durrant - Didn't see it coming!

From the publisher via Goodreads .....

Gaby Mortimer is the woman who has it all. But everything changes when she finds a body on the common near her home. She's shaken and haunted by the image of the lifeless young woman, and frightened that the killer, still at large, could strike again.

Before long, the police have a lead. The evidence points to a very clear suspect. One Gaby never saw coming . . .

Full of twists and turns, this is a dark and suspenseful psychological thriller that will make you second guess everything. Because you can never be too sure about anything, especially when it comes to murder.

My thoughts ...

I recently read and loved Remember Me This Way and enjoyed the authors' style and storytelling so much that when I came across her previous novel, Under your skin, in my local library I grabbed it (despite having a teetering TBR pile the size of Blackpool Tower). That I took it home and immediately dove into it and barely put it down until I'd finished pays testament to the authors' skill at grabbing, and holding your attention from the outset.

We meet the narrator Gaby right at the start when she stumbles across a dead body when she is out for her usual morning run and we are treated to the full gamut of human emotions as we watch her life unravel as result, when she unwittingly becomes a suspect for the womans' murder. Gaby has a great job as a tv presenter, a nice life in middle class suburbia, a successful husband, a nanny, cleaner and a couple of good friends, all of whom one begins to harbour suspicions against at one point or another. We are also introduced to a couple of police officers investigating the murder, a journalist or two and led to wonder who Gaby's mysterious stalker might be. I really felt for Gaby who is incredibly real, and I couldn't help putting myself in some of the positions she found herself in and feeling her angst and anguish.

It's the kind of classy, convoluted, psychological chiller that always gets me intrigued, plus it's a classic who-dunnit of the best kind. The author presents several possible culprits all totally plausible and scatters the most delicious little morsels of red herrings all along the journey, yet unlike most books of this ilk where I usually congratulate myself on doing the detective work quicker than the police investigators, I must honestly admit - I DIDN'T SEE THIS ONE COMING!

Bravo Sabine Durrant, for a genuinely gripping story with a mind blowing ending.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your review Jan, had my eye on this one for a while, it sound just like my kind of book.


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