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Finding you - Giselle Green

From the publishers blurb:

Julia and Charlie are ecstatic to be reunited with their stolen child, Hadyn. A year after he was snatched from a beach in Spain during a family holiday, they had feared that he would never be found alive.

Now the couple are eager for their lives to return to normal – but something is very wrong. Hadyn is still in many ways a ‘lost’ child. He seems to have been badly affected by the abduction, making it impossible for the family to simply pick up the pieces and move on.

In their efforts to unravel exactly what happened to their son and to find a cure, Julia and Charlie clash as to the best way forward. As their own insecurities surface, their relationship comes under threat - a situation not helped by the appearance of a former lover who is only too happy to rock the boat.

As dark secrets are uncovered, the couple’s love for each other is tested to its very limits, and they begin to doubt that they will ever be able to help their troubled little boy...

My thoughts ...

I was offered an advance copy of this to review and when I heard it was a follow up to another novel Little Miracles I almost passed up the chance to read it. I'm glad I didn't as it's a lovely, emotionally engaging book which can easily be read as a stand alone - However I do feel you'd probably feel an even closer involvement with the storyline of a little boy going missing in Spain if you did read the first book and if you have the chance to read both in the correct order I'd highly recommend doing it that way rather, than as I intend to, read them in reverse order.

Finding you describes the aftermath of a tragic event, which has had an outcome which should be joyous and tranquil, a couple whose toddler son went missing has, against all odds got him back and are ready to get back on with their family life, but what if the thing you wanted most of all above everything turns out be not quite how you dreamt it would be?

Julia wanted nothing more in life than to have her beloved little boy Hadyn back, return home to England and be a great Mum to him. But Hadyn seems cold, undemonstrative and disruptive around other people and not knowing what happened during his absence makes it harder to know how to behave with him.

The cracks which appeared in Julias marriage to Charlie are proving far more difficult to paper over than they had both hoped and here the author does a fabulous job of switching from Julia narrating the story to Charlies voice and I was amazed at how easily misunderstandings arise between them, when its Julia telling the story, Charlies responses and reactions seem almost reprehensible yet when it switches to his point of view although he did annoy me with his rather bumbling ineptitude and failure to see things from his wifes position I could fully understand why and how he was doing and seeing things the way he did.

This is an excellent family drama, told beautifully with great skill, by a very accomplished author. Full of emotion, handled with sensitivity and perception this is sure to delight existing fans of Giselle Green and those looking for a new author to entertain and enthrall.

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  1. A lovely review of what sounds like a lovely book! This is on my reading pile, looking forward to it very much. Thanks!


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