Monday, 21 April 2014

The Crimson Ribbon - Katherine Clements

From the publishers blurb
England 1646. The Civil War is raging and society turned upside down.

What should be a rare moment of blessing for the town of Ely takes a brutal turn and Ruth Flowers is left with little choice but to flee the household of Oliver Cromwell, the only home she has ever known. On the road to London, Ruth sparks an uneasy alliance with a deserting soldier, the battle-scarred and troubled Joseph. But when she reaches the city, it’s in the Poole household that she finds refuge.

Lizzie Poole, beautiful and charismatic, enthrals the vulnerable Ruth, who binds herself inextricably to Lizzie’s world. But in these troubled times, Ruth is haunted by fears of her past catching up with her. And as Lizzie’s radical ideas escalate, Ruth finds herself carried to the heart of the country’s conflict, to the trial of a king.

My thoughts

I won a copy of this from Goodreads early reads and took it away on holiday, where it kept me entertained and turning the pages.

It was really rather good ! Set in England during the Civil war and the times of Oliver Cromwell it is based around the life of a girl, Ruth whose Mother is accused of witchcraft and hanged in front of her. This undoubtedly has an effect on Ruths's ability to form normal friendships and trust people and she mistrusts the deeply troubled Joseph whom she encounters on her flight to London despite him having her best interests at heart.

She throws her lot in with the Poole family who agree to house and employ her and she soon becomes infatuated and obsessed with the rather enigmatic and unconventional Lizzie Poole into whose life she becomes inextricably entwined. Full of historical detail and lots of twists and turns this is an exciting work of fiction based around a real character (Lizzie Poole) and events imagined and real combine to create a gripping and entertaining story.

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