Saturday, 8 March 2014

Flight to Coorah Creek - Janet Gover

Flight to Coorah CreekFlight to Coorah Creek by Janet Gover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Super romance set in the remote outback of Australia. Sheer escapism, not one but two superb romances in the fabulous setting of the Australian outback which the author brings to life beautifully.

Coorah Creek is as far from city life as can be, a small, close knit, remote community that has sprung up around a mining area in the outback and is surrounded by thousands of miles of nothingness, tranquil beauty and scattered ranches, and that's just what Jess is looking for when she makes her own flight to Coorah Creek to escape persecution from the press after being a high profile character in a notorious crime she was tricked into by the man she loved.

She's a pilot and comes to the outback to work as pilot for the flying doctor who is Adam, who has his own secrets and tragic past.

Also escaping is Ellen with her 2 small kids she is getting away from a bad marriage to a cruel abusive husband and when she meets gentle giant Jack, the aircraft mechanic at Coorah Creek its hardly surprising she can't bring herself to trust him.

These 2 stories intertwine and what could be a pretty standard predictable romantic novel is elevated through beautifully descriptive writing and immaculately crafted very realistic characters you can't help but believe in.

If you want a bit of good clean romance you won't get much better than this, a perfect holiday read.

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