Monday, 15 July 2013

Until you're mine - Samantha Hayes

Until You're MineUntil You're Mine by Samantha Hayes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got an advance copy from Netgalley to review and am very glad I chose this exciting title...

What a cunning, twisty tale this turned out to be! A fast paced psychological thriller told from the viewpoint of 3 women, but are they all as reliable narrators as we first believe?
Claudia a busy social worker - stepmum to twin boys and expecting a new baby. Her husband a Naval Officer is away a lot so she appoints ...
Zoe, a nanny who seems perfect to keep Claudia company during the last stages of pregnancy and help with the boys and the newborn when it arrives but possibly Zoe has an ulterior motive?
Lorraine is a detective investigating a series of attacks on pregnant women and battling with her own personal life - a husband who cheated on her and a teenage daughter who seems to be going off the rails.
Which of these 3 women would you trust? I'm sure you'll be able to relate well to at least one of them as they are amazingly human and credible.
Even the secondary characters, nearly all females are well rounded characters in their own right with depth and quirks.
There is a real sense of menace and emotional complexities which draw you in and lead you gently up the garden path until a shock ending which grabs you by the throat and won't let go!
I loved the story and the characters and would really hate to have read this if I was pregnant whilst reading, as it centres around pregnancy, infertility and some truly gruesome crimes involving women. Brrrr it makes me shiver just remembering how scary some bits were.
I'd highly recommend this to anyone who loves psychological chills and thrills. Perfect for lovers of The Playdate, Gone Girl or Sister Read it and shriek.

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  1. Sounds good - must head over to NetGalley to take a look :)


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