Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hubble Bubble - Jane Lovering

Hubble BubbleHubble Bubble by Jane Lovering
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Holly's brother Nick introduces her to Kai she dismisses him as someone of little importance despite his devastatingly attractive looks, most of her concentration is given over to her brother of whom she has been protective all her life.

But Kai is destined to keep cropping up in her life especially when along with her best friend Megan she answers a small ad to join a witchcraft group just for a laugh she tags along and meets a disparate group of women all looking for that missing something in their lives and prepared to turn their hands to spell casting in order to try and achieve it. He is a journalist and has quite deliberately cultivated the title bastard - he's a bastard by nature and he sees no reason why he shouldn't be one in nature too it helps keep people at arms length and means he never has to give away the slightest clue about the real Kai.

Holly isn't lacking anything a spell can fix - her life is full and rewarding, in fact it's exactly how she's chosen it to be, uncomplicated and cool with no messy relationships and feelings to get in the way of getting on with life. She doesn't want a man cluttering up her carefully ordered existence. She sees nothing wrong in dating a series of tossers she has no feelings for at all and maintaining a sexy yet shallow, fuck buddy to satisfy her needs!

What unfolds are the stories of the lives of the 5 very different "witches", Kai's background and the reasons why he's like he is begin to draw similarities to the way Holly behaves.

All the characters are deeply flawed, circumstances have made them all the way they are and yet they are all immensely believeable and in the main very likeable - apart from several really vile bigoted men, of whom the girls fall foul when communing with nature in order to practise their amateur magic and this creates some real tension and nastiness.

There are quite a few twists and turns - it's a very sexy tale as well as being a romantic love story and one which I thoroughly enjoyed from start to end.

I don't know how Choc-lit keep on repeatedly coming up with such deeply satisfying novels, which just have you hooked from page one and turning the pages deep into the night - but keep up the excellent work folks, you're keeping a lot of ladies very happy by feeding our imaginations with your delicious heroes and tasty stories.

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