Saturday, 9 March 2013

Out of sight out of mind - Evonne Wareham (Choc-lit)

Out of Sight Out of MindOut of Sight Out of Mind by Evonne Wareham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Distinctive and unconventional this is a savvy supernatural/ sci-fi romance with a difference. No vampires or werewolves but mind reading experiments, laboratories and scientists somewhat reminiscent of Fringe (the tv series)

Maddy Albi is an influential scientist at the pinnacle of her career in the field of mind experimentation, she can enter peoples heads and feel their feelings and share some of their thoughts, and when she is accosted in an alley by an injured down and out man she uses her skills to determine that he's no real threat. She helps this mystery man she knows only as J and when she discovers he's suffering from amnesia the temptation to use him to further her research and at the same time help him recover his lost memories, is too great to resist and they begin building a tentative relationship based on breaking down the barriers holding back his past.

When she finds that beneath the grime is a man she is very much attracted to, despite her reticence to get emotionally involved with anyone, a relic of her traumatic past she has to call on all her reserves not to fall in love with him, after all neither of them know who he really is or whether he can be trusted and even with her unusual talent she is finding it impossible to breach the wall that's keeping his memories at bay.

What evolves is a complex tale of mystery and suspense coupled with passion and romance to satisfy even the most enquiring reader. J is a complex and desirable hero but deeply mysterious with a sinister past waiting to be revealed. The tension builds until what seems to be a slow paced story begins to hurtle towards a complex and exhilarating finale. Definitely a romance for the discerning intellectual bookworm.

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