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The light between oceans - M L Stedman

The Light Between OceansThe Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow - WOW and did I mention WOWWW, it's quite a while since a book blew me away quite as much as this emotional and stunningly beautiful book did it was gorgeous and I loved it

I finished it last night to floods of tears, I actually had to put it to one side when I began reading it on my recent holidays as tear reddened, puffed up eyes aren't really the look you want when you wake up on a morning and I found some of it emotionally harrowing -in parts I'd just suddenly hiccup and find I was blubbing like a baby

It is however the most beautifully written story about love and loss and the consequences of taking a wrong or right decision.

It tells the story of Tom, war veteran and lighthouse keeper, how he meets the love of his life Isabel and takes her to live in possibly the remotest and wildest location possible for a newly married couple to set up new home together. At first they enjoy their isolation but when Izzy's longing to give Tom the child which would complete their little family is denied her, their relationship is put under some strain.

Until one day a boat washes up carrying a dead body and a surviving baby and a decision is made which shapes lives and alters the course of events in unforeseen ways.

The setting in a lighthouse of the coast of Australia in the 1930s was unique and fascinating, the characters immaculately constructed and the prose evocative, poignant and delicious. So good I can't recommend it highly enough and would happily give it 6/5 were that possible.

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