Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Girl on the Mountain - Carol Ervin

The Girl on the MountainThe Girl on the Mountain by Carol Ervin
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I was very pleasantly surprised at the high quality of writing in this book which I grabbed when it was on offer free for the kindle. I was absorbed in the story of May Rose a young wife around the turn of the 19th century living in a remote mountain shack in West Virginia with her husband a logger at the nearby logging camp, who has become taciturn and distant and seems very different from the laughing young man she defied her family to marry.

Lonely and isolated in her cabin whilst he's away working she begins to wonder how on earth she can continue. I felt overwhelming pathos when she pens a letter to her distant cousins not wanting to admit her loneliness and desolation, she describes to them how she spends her days telling her friend Nellie about things she used to enjoy with her cousins, Nellie however is the pig she has raised.

Her life is about to change in many ways and not all for the better, when she has the opportunity to mix with folk again she finds that first opinions aren't always to be relied upon and the story unfolds as we are introduced to the many characters who shape her story as she adapts to life in a small logging town and fights to gain respect and independence despite limited options and unjustified prejudice against her.

It's a lovely story, written with great panache and lots of authority in the rich historical detail which never becomes teachy or preachy. Delightful throughout although I found the ending a little sudden and can only assume a sequel is planned by this new and talented autjor.

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