Thursday, 22 November 2012

Up Close - Henriette Gyland (Choc Lit)

Up CloseUp Close by Henriette Gyland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Those clever people at Choc lit tapped into my psyche again and came up with a tempting and enthralling romantic psychological thriller that ticks all my boxes.

Lia Thomson has recently returned to the UK after having moved to the USA where she has a successful career as a doctor. Back in Norfolk, having recently inherited her grandmothers cottaage, where she was brought up, afterthe sudden and rather mysterious death of her Gran. Mysteries from both past and present begin to haunt her, memories of the death of her little brother Eddie return, even though she was only 4 when he died, disturbing nightmares of water and drowning recur and she begins to uncover sinister facets of her Grandmothers life and death.

Having lived here as a child its inevitable that she'll meet some of her former schoolfriends, she becomes reacquaintanced with her former friend Susannah and when she meets Aidan Morrell she finds him very changed from the companion of her youth, years in the army have left him battle scarred and bitter and he seeks solace in his interests of deep sea diving and painting. He's just the complication she doesn't need especially as he is engaged to the rich and successful Brett waiting for her back in the USA.

The whole book has a dark and sinister feel and is much more than just a romantic novel its a tense and quite disturbing thriller which kept me turning the pages well into the night. Highly recomended to anyone who enjoyed Ninepins or Revenge of the Tide

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