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Every vow you break - Julia Crouch

From the publisher - The Wayland family - Lara and Marcus and their three children - leave England to spend a long, hot summer in Trout Island, Upstate New York. Lara, still reeling from an abortion that Marcus insisted on, hopes the summer away from home will give her time to learn to love her husband again. 

A chance meeting at a party reacquaints the family with Marcus's old actor friend, Stephen, with whom Lara once had an affair. Lara feels herself drawn towards Stephen and they pick up their secret relationship where they left off. Lara knows she's playing a dangerous game; what she doesn't know is that it's also a deadly one.

This is a difficult one to review as I didn't hate it by any means but I felt very critical of some aspects anyway here are my thoughts.

Every Vow You BreakEvery Vow You Break by Julia Crouch
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was so looking forward to reading this book and when I won a copy in a prize draw was thrilled but it just somehow missed the mark a little.

Don't get me wrong the story is a good idea, its tense and quite gripping but the characters failed to convince me, they all seemed just a touch overblown, caricatures rather than real people I could completely believe in and relate to.

The idea is good, The Wayland family from England arrive in the USA for a summer break with a difference. Mum Lara is bitterly licking her wounds after an abortion she reluctantly went ahead with and is regretting. Husband Marcus a small bit part actor who has come to the US at the invitation of an old friend hoping that involvement with a theatre group may lead to lucrative employment. Twins Bella and Olly and young Jack arrive in Trout island where they discover the accommodation which has been provided falls rather short of expectations and has a sinister air and when strange things begin to happen Lara wonders what's going on if they are being watched or if she's imagining things.

When mutual friend from the past Stephen turns up and Lara realises old feelings between them could easily be revived on both their parts, she begins to feel she has someone she can at last rely on but will it cause her joy or heartache?

Marcus comes across and such a despicable and unlikeable wimp I can't imagine why anyone would stay with him as long as Lara has, Bella, too has secrets and I fail to understand why on earth she puts up with what she does. Nobody seems to have noticed that Olly is 2 sandwiches short of a picnic if not much, much worse!

5 year old Jack talks and converses for the most part like a 15 year old and the people they meet through the theatre and locally - well they are all so much larger than life none of them ring true.

It keeps you guessing all the way through but I found the ending unsatisfactory, and unlikely and although I read it quite quickly, found it a page turner, in the end it annoyed me and I was left with a slightly bad taste in my mouth and quite disappointed overall.

Still a readable psychological thriller that I know a lot of people will love, don't let my negative comments put you off picking it up, give it a go and judge for yourself. I just feel there are a lot of better examples of this popular genre about.

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