Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Love lies bleeding by Jess McConkey

I found this an exciting and satisfying read. Lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing. I love a good psychological suspense, mystery thriller which isn't a detective novel.

Imagine you come round from a coma and as conciousness returns you realise your life has changed not just physically but in the way you view the world. 

Successful and privileged Samantha was on her way home from her high flying executive job in the City when she was randomly and viciously attacked by a gang of youths, leaving her for dead with her skull caved in.

Now she is trying to rebuild her shattered life and recover from her head injury, heavily medicated, fearful of everything, one leg damaged and weak she is full of self loathing for the way she begged and pleaded with her attackers.

Her surgeon fiance Jackson and her controlling father appoint a nurse to care for her and rent a rural lakeside cabin for her to begin her recuperation in.

But she is a reluctant patient and Anne her nurse finds her difficult and unpredictable. When rumours of strange goings on in the cabins past have strange parallels with Sams dreams and behaviour, its up to her to work out who to trust and who really has her best interests at heart.

It has everything you want in a good chiller, lots of characters who might have ulterior motives, a hint of romance, a loyal canine companion and a flawed heroine.

Not perfect, a lot of coincidences and a few loose ends left untied but overall an enjoyable and entertaining read.

Might appeal to readers who enjoyed Into the darkest corner - Elizabeth Haynes
or The Secrets Between us by Louise Douglas

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  1. This sounds interesting, I am working with head injury patients at the moment so would be interested to see how she portrays the frustration and uncertainty of the rehabilitation period. One for the wish list - thanks for the review!



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