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The Revenge of the Tide - Elizabeth Haynes

Revenge Of The TideRevenge Of The Tide by Elizabeth Haynes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Exciting writing - This author certainly has the knack of grabbing your attention and immersing you in the storyline. Like her first book
Into the Darkest Corner she builds tension and suspense from the events surrounding a woman getting herself into a sticky situation and trying to extricate herself, whilst very humanly not always making the decisions which are best for her.

The "revenge of the tide" is the name of a boat which Genevieve has bought, in a bid to escape the rat race, and renovate. Leaving her previous high flying life in London and her old acquaintances and friends behind, she is living on the boat which she has only partly renovated.

When she throws a boatwarming party and invites a few of her city friends she's not sure whether they'll mix well with her new boatyard chums, but all seems to go fairly well - until she is woken early the next day by the sound of something bumping against the hull - only to discover a body and it looks familiar ....

We jump back and forth with consummate ease between today and a couple of years earlier where her double life in London is gradually revealed as something slightly risque - and risky! She treats many of her so called friends with such scant regard its hardly surprising she got herself on the wrong side of so many people - yet these very human frailties made her all the more real.
Events begin to spiral out of control and it seems that her old life has followed her and someone may be bearing a grudge against her.

The book made fabulous reading - a real page turner and virtually unputdownable. The only reason I have given it 4 rather than 5/5 is that I felt some of her motives were so questionable I was unable to work out why she made some of her decisions - I didn't really quite get her sheer desperation to renovate a boat and her willingness do do almost anything to achieve this. Also the ending was just a teeny touch unsatisfactory and left me wondering just what would happen to one or two of the characters I had really grown to like a lot (and she seemed to have done too) who suddenly didn't seem to be of any importance to her at all.

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