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Finders keepers - Belinda Bauer

Finders KeepersFinders Keepers by Belinda Bauer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Quotes from Amazon:

'Belinda Bauer hit the big time with the excellent Blacklands and continues to explore her theme of West Country cruelty and corruption, balancing the procedural and psychological aspects of crime. Once again she nails the petty grievances, prejudices and loyalties of village life, and shows how some law enforcers operate at the outer edge of competence' --Financial Times, January 2012

'Bauer has established a reputation for plunging her characters into unimaginable gore. Her third novel easily matches her previous efforts, exposing village bobby Jonas events unprecedented in British crime fiction. The British countryside has never appeared so alien or so macabre.' --Sunday Times, January 2012

'Finders Keepers has an enjoyably creepy premise... But it's the book's humour that really shines. Bauer reveals her Gold Dagger-winning writing credentials in her neat skewering of everyday pomposities and her wry asides.' --Observer, January 2012

I've just finished reading Finders Keepers. I really enjoyed Blacklands and mistakenly thought this was her second novel but its her third and they are in sequence so I kept feeling I'd missed an awful lot of points they kept referring back to.

I enjoyed the writing and the way the story flowed, great characters and she's a very accomplished writer - but I did find the story extremely far fetched, how come all these dreadful crimes keep occurring to the same people in a small place? and the crime which was committed - well really - it was a touch too much for even my vivid imagination but maybe thats why crime fiction is NOT one of my favourite genres.

Good if you've read the first two and like crime drama thrillers but please Belinda - leave the poor souls on Exmoor in peace now and use some of that lovely talent writing stand alone novels with new characters in different locations.

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