Thursday, 9 February 2012

White lies - Jeremy Bates

White LiesWhite Lies by Jeremy Bates

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A real page turner - one of those fast paced thrillers where you keep thinking "Nooo don't DO that" as the main character makes yet another bad decision you just know is going to impact by making things get worse - and worse.

I chose this from the books available to review at Netgalley and yet again was really pleased with my choice. I read this in just 2 days which is pretty good going for me - it doesn't mean it was a light, inconsequential read - just that I felt the need to keep reading ... just a few more pages .... and ended up reading into the early hours.

OK so about the storyline. It begins with our heroine Katrina driving to a rural village in America to begin a new post as English teacher at the local school. She's ready to begin a new life as she is finally picking up the pieces after a tragedy left her reeling. Her renewed confidence leads her to feel generous enough to stop for a young guy stranded at the rainy roadside but soon begins to regret her decision when she questions his sobriety and his motives. Panicked and keen to get him out of the car she lies about where shes headed for and breathes a sigh of relief as she manages to get him out of her car.

Her horror when she arrives at her new job to find the same guy is one of her new colleagues now bearing a grudge against her and to cover up her little white lie, she tells another and then it becomes almost too difficult to tell the truth and silly white lies become falsehoods that haunt her every move.

Meanwhile she meets another man to whom her reaction and instincts are completely different - she is bowled over by the enigmatic and charismatic Jack and responds to him by falling for him - big time!

But events are beginning to spiral out of control, like ripples in a lake her white lie leads her to become involved in covering up a brutal murder, no longer sure who to trust she must reply on her instincts - instincts we are beginning to realise are no more reliable than her ability to tell the truth.

A cracking good suspense novel, easy and undemanding but a jolly exciting read, to curl up on a cold winters day in front of the fire with.

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  1. Ooh that does sound tense!!! I love a good page turner, I'll look out for it, great review!


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