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A Place of secrets - Rachel Hore

A Place of SecretsA Place of Secrets by Rachel Hore

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I think there are a lot of great ideas in this story and I like the idea of several timelines running alongside each other. Rather than a dual time romance it is more a quad time romance.

The women involved include Jude, a modern career woman working for an art auctioneers, her sister Claire, single Mum of 9 year old Summer, then there's their Mother and their Grandmother then the story of Esther Whickham an 18th century orphan adopted by an astrologer which comes to light when her journals turn up, several gypsy woman are also involved in the story at various points in the past yet its pretty easy to follow. All their pasts entwine and get tangled up around Starbrough Hall in Norfolk and a series of dreams, past events, diaries and heirlooms have you wondering just how many more twists and turns can possibly be fitted in to one story. There is romance of course with the dark and hunky (yet kind to animals) hero Euan.

However there are almost too many coincidences which stretch my tolerance for writers license a teensy bit too far it was only the authors consummate skill as a writer which saved it.
Well written characters tons of secrets and twists and lots of nice information about star gazing combine to make this a "curl up on the sofa with a bag of Maltesers", enjoyable romantic read.

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  1. I am certainly looking forward to obtaining a copy of this one.


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