Friday, 15 April 2011

The Runaway wife by Susy McPhee

The Runaway WifeThe Runaway Wife by Susy McPhee My rating: 4 of 5 stars The cover suggests this is light and frothy chick-lit but what you find inside the covers is some really deep and unthinkable subject matter, treated with wry humour. Following a period in Marions life where the worst that can possibly happen has - she has buried her beloved only daughter killed at just 9 years old by a hit and run driver. Marion wants to die too, her life is no longer worth living and we begin the book as she prepares for her suicide attempt. But things go from bad to worse, when on her way to the chemist to collect her prescription for the anti depressants which are her way out of this life and offer a freedom from the pain of loss, a mugger attacks her with a knife offering her an alternative way of dying ... This misfires and we see Marion thwarted in her suicide bid lurch from crisis to crisis, trying to come to terms with her loss, apportioning blame to others and herself until it seems as though there will never be any light at the end of her tunnel and she is on a course to self destruct regardless. This book is about finding the strength to cope and getting through the worst times in your life, and there is a thread of humour which runs through it in some of the things which happen, and things our heroine says and thinks which will have you laughing into the already soggy tissues. I enjoyed this book enormously its very compassionately written and extremely real. I love that its set in Yorkshire - mostly Harrogate, which I am familiar with. I think it will appeal to anyone who enjoyed One Moment, One Morning View all my reviews

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  1. This looks like a bright and breezy novel from the cover, but I suspect it is something much deeper! Will keep an eye out for this one!


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