Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Wilding - Maria McCann

Quote ..... 'An absorbing drama of revenge, inheritance and danger...packed with intrigue and historical detail.' --Kate Saunders, The Times

Based on my Amazon Review .....

What a lovely easy read and very well written.

The Wilding is written in the first person by a young man called Johnathan who resides in 17th century England and earns his living as a cider presser, travelling around hiring his services with his unique portable cider press lovingly made and given to him by his father.

When his fathers brother Robin dies Johnathan senses there is a mystery surrounding the circumstances of his death which is father is unwilling to discuss, so decides to visit his widowed Aunt the wealthy and nasty Harriet to try and unravel what has been going on.

This is where he meets the enigmatic Tamar, working as a servant for his aunt and abruptly dismissed, he is strangely drawn to her and she evoked sympathy in him when he finds her living with her infirm mother in a hovel of cave behind his Aunts house.

Circumstances carry Johnathan into events outside his normal sheltered existence and a story of betrayal, revenge and hatred is revealed.

Its a story of fairly ordinary folk with a family secret which swept me along and I found it a very satisfying read.

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  1. Hi Beadyjan,

    Great new blog! Looking forward to following.

    I have The Wilding on my TBR shelves. Reading your review I will have to bump up my list.

    dizzyc (RiSi)


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