The Outlander by Gil Adamson

The OutlanderThe Outlander by Gil Adamson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved, loved, LOVED this book - Best book I've read in a while without a doubt.

Strongly character driven novel, nevertheless descriptive and beautifully written, every single word counted and the story flowed like good wine I just wanted to keep on reading.

The story of a young woman widowed by her own hand fleeing from retribution after killing her husband. She sets off into the mountainous wilderness of Canada and comes across so many unusual, mostly likeable, all beleiveable characters.

She's a thief as well as a murderer and treats some of the people who help her pretty badly really but she's very human and theres just something about the book that really keeps you interested and fascinated.

Inevitable comparisons with The tenderness of wolves which I also loved prompted me to read this, however I'd compare the writing style to Water with Elephants, a sheer joy to read from start to conclusion.

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